Friday, March 09, 2007

Where are they now

Why isn't The Aerodrome by Rex Warner in print? Last seen at Harvill press (now sadly deceased - well, swallowed up). I remember reading it at school when I was 8 and thought it a bit of a cracker but don't take my word for it,

'Brilliantly imaginative ... it remains the best, perhaps the only, English Kafka novel.' Anthony Burgess.

And how could you not like a book that describes life as only ‘a brief and dazzling flash of time between two annihilations’

C'mon publishers, we can sell this you know.


  1. Adam - that Reform CLub gig has had a strange effect on you.

    Remember - money money money.

    Publishers want to make money.

    It's only idiots like us who put other considerations first!

  2. Vintage will be publishing it as part of its classics line in late 2007. There is hope out there....