Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oranges and Lemons

Great news in the inbox again - What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn has been longlisted for the Orange Prize.

Now I'm not a fan of longlists, a little pointless really. But it's still good to see the wheat separated from the chaff and a book that I loved is still in there with a chance.

About this time last year we were selling lots of copies of Harbor by Lorraine Adams. That was another great book from a small publisher that we pushed hard. It was also shortlisted for the Orange prize but Lorraine didn't win...Zadie won.

Looking at the rest of the list I think there are a few big guns up for the Orange this year too. Kiran Desai's Booker winning Inheritance of Loss for starters!

Still, a great achievement for Catherine.

Also good for us as it suggests two things:

1: We are worth listening to when we get excited.

2: We are both blokes, but our feminine sides are in good shape!


  1. Well done for setting the ball rolling for Catherine. Must be satisfying to see the Orange longlisting.

    And yes, it's a fantastic book.

  2. It's called a longlist for a reason