Monday, March 19, 2007

Not in the top 100???

I was watching one of those ludicrous Channel 4 top 100 shows last night on the best stand-ups ever. Normally these things are rubbish but atleast last night had some genuinely hysterical moments.

One of the strangest things about it was the reappearance of all those 70's throwbacks and their sometimes casual, sometimes outright racism. I was hoping to get through life without ever seeing Bernard Manning or Jim Davidson on tv again but oh no the professional ironists at C4 felt the need to surrender valuable telly time to these pigs once more.

But by the end I was genuinely amazed that one of my favourite stand-ups ever didn't even make the 100. If Chris Rock can make it to no.8 then why isn't Dave Chappelle who has brilliant routines about racism in the top 5. I can only put it down to his lack of exposure in this country. Anyway, this is a clip from one of his specials that just shows how utterly redundant the likes of Manning and Davidson truly are.

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