Monday, March 19, 2007

More Dave Chappelle

Following on from the post below I just can't resist this one...

Funnily enough I was having a conversation with a customer last week about Chekhov and one of the things he admired most about him was that he seemed to be a genuinely good person who used his talent and position to highlight injustices as well as the human condition. A few nights before BBC2 had screened Dave Chappelle's Block Party a film of the comics semi-improptu concert in a Brooklyn neighborhood and I was thinking the same thing that he seemed to be a genuinely good person using his talent and position for good. My customer agreed (he knew of the comic too). We were also discussing how Chappelle had walked away from a $50 million contract for his tv show because he felt he was becoming compromised. Stupid maybe but still admirable.

The above clip isn't even remotely Chekhovian but I still nearly wet myself watching it. This link however to an episode of his tv show does I think offer a parallel to Chekhov in it's acute political understanding and incredible articulacy in its chosen genre.

And I still can't believe he didn't make the top 100.

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