Monday, March 19, 2007

Thrills v spills

Reading both Matthew's post below on Cap'n Bob's new shop in Bath and the steadfast comments I was interested to come across this post from a well-known marketing guru. Of course it's more complicated than that but I am constantly reminded of the stark difference between those people who came to the shop at the start of our venture muttering things like 'it'll never work here' and those who exclaimed 'fantastic, how cool to have a new bookshop here'.

Speaking personally the difference between thrills and the fear is somewhat mediated by occasional lazyness but I still like to think I'm in the former camp.

I am also reminded of another former bosses favourite joke:

'How many booksellers does it take to change a light bulb?'

'Booksellers don't like change'

Boom, boom.

(And for what it's worth I think Mr B will be fine. They and Robert are doing two different things. The differences are similar to those between us and the Foyle's 5 minutes walk round the corner on the south bank both in outlook and in scale)

1 comment:

  1. I also hope to be included in the thrill seekers camp.

    Hard to see myself as a thrill seeker this morning though. So far I have had a conversation with a bloke from LBS, checked some e-mails, processed an internet order, booked in a few Michelin guides, spoken to the window cleaner and sold just one book through the till...