Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi Lia - here are details of how you can reach C & P from your home in Luebeck, Germany...(I could have put in your postcode and it would have given directions right to the door but I wasn't sure how you might feel about C & P pilgrims from Lambeth coming to visit!)
The map adam added to our website a few days ago is brilliant. It can tell you how to reach the shop from anywhere in the world...


  1. Gosh, literally just a hope skip and a jump.

    Even though I love maps and especially Google Maps, I can only read maps with 1:1 scaling. Otherwise, I have to just use one of two well-tested methods: call someone to pick me up at the nearest tube station and escort me to their place (I kid you not), or secondly, have no definite timeline and just randomly and frequently ask other pedestrians whether they can help me find the way.

  2. If you ask for directions from New York to London, it gets you to a pier in NY and says 'Swim the Atlantic'. High quality.

  3. Blimey - how many potential C & P customers are now bobbing about mid-atlantic?

    Give it a few weeks and they will start piling in, smeared in grease, flippers draped with seaweed...