Monday, May 07, 2007

Little amuses the innocent

Google have let us have a little map so you can find out where we are. If you head here, then click on Find on the left, click on the old map and a new fangly map should pop up.

The cool thing is you can zoom in and out of it and scroll around like a normal google maps thing.

Goddamn if that wasn't the best hour I ever spent fiddling with the site.

(And for more Bank Holiday boredom here is a map of the cycle ride I went on yesterday morning)

Update! If, say, my uncle in Ballymena wanted to find his way to us, from the map page he could type in 'Ballymena' into the search bar at the bottom, he could then click on the 'directions' link on the result and he would get something like this. Just how cool is that, I ask you. Go on, try your own home town and find out how to get to Crockatt & Powell!

This is if you happen to live in Vienna.

How about Malaga?

Or, New York City! (Scroll down to no.38 in the directions)

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