Friday, May 25, 2007

I was 12... was 1983. Auf Wiedersen, Pet was on the telly and the country was mad for all things german. I wasn't quite sure why I liked Nena but I knew I did. I think the song is much better in german but unfortunately this video doesn't have the leather trousers in it. If you're very good I may post that too.


  1. Ah, you've made an old Germanophile very happy this morning chaps. I played Nena whilst opening the shop. Although I take issue with the 'it sounds better in German' - you don't get "super hi-tech jet-fightaaa" in the original German. Aber kein lederhosen, shade.

    The memories this song brings back. The Cold War, watching demos against Pershing missile deployment, scaring myself silly reading the predicted megadeaths from an inevitable (as far as Reagan's inner cabinet were concerned) nuclear conflagration on the back of the 12" of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Two Tribes. And of course, a few years later, Threads.

    Global Warming - pah, you've not been born (well, you almost weren't)...

  2. I agree, the German version was much better. Funny how, once a song sung in a foreign language was popular in the English-speaking countries, the music industry felt compelled to make an English version so that more people could "understand" it. The English versions were never better than the originals. Unfortunately, Britain and America had inflicted upon them both the German and the English versions of "Der Komisar" by Falco - both of which were rubbish.