Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doctor Doctor - Is there ANYTHING you can do?

I have a problem.

(In fact I have plenty but we're here to discuss just one of them)

I suffer from an irrational loathing of Eggers. Dave Eggers.

Why? I don't understand it. From the first moment I saw A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius come into the shop I hated it. I can't stand McSweeny's. The fact Dave (I shudder) does great and admirable things such as fund non-profit education centres etc is no help.

I just don't trust him...

My ravings have been prompted by the arrival of the UK edition (what took you man?) of What Is The What (Ugh those titles!) and the fact it is weighed down with adoring quotes.

Sorry Dave, I'm sure of two things.

1: You are probably a really good bloke.

2: You don't know (or care) who I am or what I think of you.

But I just had to get it out.



  1. Does that mean you won't be coming to the party Penguin are throwing for Eggers and Kiran Desai on friday evening at their super-swanky pad on the Strand.

    Champagne and Canapes on the terrace over-looking the river? C'mon! You know you want to really.

  2. Where's my invite then? Never mind - I already have plans ;-)

  3. Sshhh. Think *target market*.

  4. Someone asked adam last night (he was at another party - Faber this time - if I was going to delete this post for fear of the ire of Penguin)

    Sorry, I'm not.

    I love Penguin and just about everything they do. This is a specific problem I have with Eggers and I've had it for years.

    I know, if we were "professionals" we would never have a pop at anybody (bite hand feed etc) but that would be, well, boring?

    Besides, nobody reads this crap do they...