Friday, May 04, 2007

Event Horizon (and are those really what his nipples look like?)

My sister was up in Liverpool the other weekend. She obviously had a great time as she has been attempting to convince me that I and all my family are Scousers ever since. (The idea seems to be that since my dad lived near Liverpool for a few years when he was a teenager and my auntie hung out at the Cavern club that the whole bunch of us Crockatts are therefore Scousers - Sis I'm a London boy, no doubt about it!)

While she was up there she went to the beach and saw Another Place, Antony Gormley's haunting installation on Crosby Beach. (My mum and dad in their courting days once went for a walk on the beach near there. My mum said to my dad "What are those things that look like sandy turds?" My dad replied "Erm, sandy turds...") But Crosby Beach has clearly gone up in the world and instead of raw sewage they have lovely art.

Anyway she came back to London and arranged to meet Finn and I on the South Bank. Crossing Waterloo Bridge who should she meet but Antony Gormley - or rather a bronze cast of the man, naked of course. Having just encountered the Crosby Beach installation she was a little surprised. Was he following her? (Quite a looker my sis!)

Well we sat down on a bench by the river and Finn proceeded to WOW her with a display of standing up, clapping and falling over. Whaddayouknow but next thing we start seeing Antony all over the place. The river, London skyline and all these Antony Gormley statues staring out over the city...

...brilliant stuff Antony! But are your nipples really that shape?

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