Thursday, July 19, 2007

If you are with BT change 'cos they are ripping off kids...or am I just tired and confused?

Well the phones are working again. Expert rip-off merchants BT wanted to charge £85 just to get out of bed. Luckily the Maz (my wife Mary) has loads of mates more manly then I and sent a couple of lads round to fix it - they charged us £30. For everything.

So you can phone us again. We are also in contact by e-mail - but it might take us a while to respond.

Why? Because Harry Potter is taking over the world. Normal service will be fully resumed once all the mental wizard wannabes have flown off on their brooms or whatever it is they ride these days...

Incidentally the discount bookshop down the road from us has cynically adopted our offer - kind of. They are going to sell the book for £9.99 and proudly boast that all profits will go to charity. But if they are selling the book for £9.99 how much profit will there be? That's right - ZERO - or close to it. If I were them I would feel a bit evil right about now.

As for Adam and I our halos are coming along very nicely thanks. Mine keeps blinking on and off though. Either it's faulty or it can read my not always squeaky clean mind...

Still no sign. We have learned that half our shop used to be a sweet shop. We have also learned that not having a shop sign, in fact having a great gaping scar where the sign should be, appears to have had no effect of sales. Proof that most folk don't look up often after all...

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