Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Harry Q, Marie, Germans, Darkened Rooms etc

Of course we didn't open at midnight or dress up as owls or anything. The wisdom of this decision was made clear on my arrival at the shop on Saturday morning. There was a bloke collapsed asleep/drunk on the pavement by the shop. Manny (from the fruit and veg stall) had affixed a notice to the shutters. Harry Potter Q starts here..."I couldn't resist it" he said.

I woke said bloke up by shouting at his ear for a few moments then softened as my slightly bleary eyes met his bloodshot and blistered gaze. I went and bought him a cup of sugary tea and sent him on his way. Still, I imagine that at midnight he wouldn't have been comatose, he might have been around the shoutymentalnutter that likes to eat smallwizardypeople point.

So into the shop. The phone was ringing. It was one of our fave customers Mr Lindroos calling to say we should abandon our "left-wing principles" (Mr Lindroos - we don't have principles of any kind!) and buy the Telegraph because Marie was in it. Indeed she was (along with a couple of mentions of our "groovy" shop) She was also in the Times and the book was reviewed in the Independent on Saturday. Harry who? Potty whattie? At C & P Gods Behaving Badly is the biggest book of the year by bloody miles...

But before we get to Marie's bestseller the Potter 'ting has to be dealt with. Not only was I on channel 4 news I ended up on German TV as well. It was pretty funny. I was about to go home when they called and pleaded with me to stay while they got a crew over by taxi ASAP.

I was a little nervous. "German TV? But I don't speak German."

"Do not worry. We will make you speak German later!"

Yes, the last few days have been, as they say, proper mental. As a result I am spending the beautiful sunny day that is today lying in a darkened room while Adam and Charlie build us a new sign for the shop.

The official launch for Marie's book is in the bookshop on Wednesday August 1st. Want a "special" signed copy? Then you know where to be.


  1. So, were they able to make you speak German?

    Marie said if we came to the signing, she might even write our names in the book. What about us over the channel? Is there any chance she would write my name into the book, even though I am not there on August 1st? There is a slight chance I'll be there sometime mid August... to pick up the book. Does that count?

  2. Yes, I'll sign yours, of course I will!

  3. was this gift of language bestowed on you temporarily, or is Crockatt und Powell now on the cards?