Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh Dear...

I blogged about the similarities between our shop and the stalls on the market outside a while ago. But I didn't realise the confusion it could cause until today. A lovely old lady came in to see me this morning. She was looking for a book by the demon McKeith about "healthy" eating. We had a copy in stock but she said she wouldn't buy it just now..."maybe next week".

It was probably the fact I had the weekend off and it's Monday but I didn't realise she was mad until after she'd gone.

Now I get it. She has just asked Manny on the fruit and veg stall outside for about the one-hundreth time if he'll keep the book aside until next week.

"Ask him in there, the book man, he'll keep it for you love..."

"I think I will have that book, but not now. Maybe next week."

"These are carrots and stuff love, the books are in there."

"Maybe you could keep it aside for me?"

"The book man's in there!"

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