Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whatever did we do before the internet?

Erm, the same, only slower.

(Whoever the bad guy is in the Potter books is but a mere minion, a powerless demon compared to the all-encompassing evil that is BT who have held us to ransom with their bureaucratic satanicness.)

Anyway, the upshot is we still have no internet. What this means practically is that we have maybe 2 customers a day that we have to say - 'Can we get back to you tomorrow with that' (They don't appear to mind) - or we phone the publisher and ask them about a particular book. Again, slightly longer but the same result.

The other drawback is that we don't get to surf the web in our quiet moments. The upside to this is we get to pick up and read more of the books in the shop. The downside is... erm... we can't check our e-mails every 5 minutes? Hmm.

Still, I'm greatly missing doing 'research' on the net and can only hope and pray that our new, shiny ISP gets their ass into gear double quick and turns our sodding connection on.

In the mean time, life goes on pretty much as normal.

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