Monday, July 16, 2007


A Jaguar (car) has just been clamped opposite the shop.

I will keep a look out and let you know what happens when the owner returns...


  1. People keep walking past and smirking...In fact I just saw a bloke I know is a shoplifter walk past grinning!

  2. Really dull...Oh well. I have a good clamping story.

    We were in Glasgow.

    It was a bank holiday.

    We parked on a yellow line opposite a multi-story car park.

    It's a Bank Holiday. It'll be cool.

    It wasn't cool. When we returned the car was gone. Stolen! It was a hire car. I phoned the police.

    "No it's not stolen. It was illegally parked and was towed away"

    "But we have a plane to catch. All our luggage/passports etc are in there. It's a hire car - and it's a bloody Bank Holiday"

    "Not in Scotland it isn't sir."

    Time was short so we had to take a taxi. Our driver was sympathetic to the point of psychotic - described in a think Glasgow accent how he would kill a parking dude if he ever met one down a dark alley - but when we arrived at the pound they laughed at us.

    We'd parked outside the place where all the traffic wardens go for tea. We were towed away 2 minutes after parking there.

    "Probably thought you were taking the piss mate"

  3. I have always felt that clamping illegally parked vehicles is the wrong approach. It obstructs the traffic for one thing.

    Crush the car and reduce it to a cube. That doesn't obstruct the traffic and you can be sure the owner won't park that car illegally ever again.