Friday, July 13, 2007

What do men talk about in pubs?

Well, two such men on wednesday night decided that:
  • Watching porn on late night uk cable channels was a bit like watching Match of the Day without the football i.e an hour and a half of throw-ins and goal-kicks.
  • The death sentence is still not right for certain criminal activities but a 'devil's island' type scenario in the south atlantic would not be out of order e.g the Falklands.
  • Dostoesvsky is 'meaty'.
  • Microwaved lamb curry isn't actually that bad when supplied with rice, bread and potato - a combination of starchy carbohydrates not altogether uncomfortable when mixed together.
  • Lock-ins are a good thing.

In the cold, hard, sober light of day such conversations should, of course, remain in the pub - like a lawyer/client confidentiality agreement - but the odd glimpse into this arcane world is surely necessary now and again.


  1. Thanks, Adam, I've wondered whether the pub topics have changed over the years. It is comforting to know they haven't. Good stuff. You didn't mention the beer consumption to topic ratio. My bet is the curry lamb was towards the end of the evening.