Monday, January 07, 2008

Deserving of its own little post

A commenter on the post below mentioned something that I thought would be better placed in a more prominent position:

From the LRB, 3 January 08. 'What I didn't do in 2007' by Alan Bennett (p.7)

15 September. Discover a good bookshop, Crockatt and Powell on Lower Marsh, a street opposite The Cut near the Old Vic, where I buy Henry James's 'The Lesson of the Master'.

Forgive me as I bask in a giant bathful of warm fuzzies.


  1. Quick, get rid of that errant apostrophe and delete this comment before the great man googles himself and comes by.

  2. Placid CasualJanuary 07, 2008

    The great man? Yikes, is Matthew on his way in to the shop?

    Good work, fellas!

  3. Apostrophe's are a real problem ain't they.

  4. Are you going to send the great man a change of address card?

    Happy new year.

  5. Angela,

    Not changing addresses, merely adding to the portfolio.