Monday, January 14, 2008

How weird is that?

Just reading AA Gill on sitcoms from yesterdays Times and he's writing about his greatest sitcom moments one of which is Neal being humiliated on the Young Ones. I look up from the computer and who should be standing in the middle of the shop? Nigel Planer! Neal from the Young Ones! A semi-regular customer. Blimey, how weird IS that?


  1. Was Uri Geller on the premises?

    I read the article too, and found myself, with respect to the final paragraph on Paul Morley's programme, to be "the opposite of AA Gill".

  2. The Young Ones is one of the few TV programmes that really changed my life. I wanted to BE Vivian crossed with Neil. A sort of Hippie Punk. A Hippunk?

    (Weird kid eh?)

  3. Joyfeed,

    Although I enjoyed the Morley programme I could well understand Gill's distain. I guess it was all about being in a good mood at the time.