Monday, January 14, 2008

shop two

Spent yesterday afternoon in the new shop with Matthew and our soon-to-be employee who shall remain anonymous as long as they want to not appear on this blog. Sorted out what we're selling and where and it was all jolly exciting. Soon-to-be employee no. 2 forgot to turn up. Not a good start. They shall be severely reprimanded and given a damned good spanking.

I also managed to double-lock the front door which meant the builders working on the flats above the shop couldn't get in. Oops.


  1. Please remind me / other absent-minded readers when this new shop is due to open.

  2. Hi Joyfeed - erm, March...

    Sounds optimistic? This is C & P mate - we don't f**k about!

    Those hoping to be the first to play football in the new shop will be disappointed. Finn got there first. He had a great time investigating the building materials, "dusting" (he covers himself in dust) and booting his spiderman ball around the place...