Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Saga Magazine Wise List 2008

The over 50's magazine has put us in their 'Wise List' Literature section, or rather Joel Rickett has nominated us, deputy ed of The Bookseller trade mag and Guardian columnist. Cheers Joel. Here's a small quote to help inflate our already expanding egos:

'Adam Powell (36) and Matthew Crockatt (33)... are redefining the independent bookselling scene. Their elegant Crockatt & Powell shop in London's Waterloo combines an old-school feel with a discerning, eclectic selection of books. And it's working.'

And if that wasn't good enough, the other people on the Saga Wise List for Literature 2008 are... Doris Lessing, JK Rowling, Luke Johnson (ex channel 4 who's just bought Borders), Mark Ellingham (founder of Rough Guides and erm, that's it. Gulp. That's some company to keep. Cool.

Although tomorrow I'll actually be 37. One year closer to taking out a Saga subscription. Which I definitely will.

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    happy Year of the Rat.

    Good luck with the fortune cookies...