Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Visitors

Some Chelsea folk having seen the bit in the standard have just been in to survey what's going to be turning up on their doorstep in a couple of months. Very exciting and frankly sometimes terrifying this bookshop stuff.


  1. TravisBickleneyJanuary 16, 2008

    So the "Chelsea folk" lowered themselves to cross the water southwards to check out their new tradesmen. Wow.

    Your sarf London regulars are becoming a bit tired of the brown-nosey tone you fall into when referring to your next round of punters. You're even willing to change your blog to please them. Disappointing.

    Well, they're rich, and that's all that matters. At least you won't be wasting your time thinking about a quality stock selection, you could just let them order by the yard.

  2. Lampard? Terry? Cole? Bryan Adams?

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