Thursday, January 03, 2008

That's SO Last Year...

Late as usual but here are books of the year (2007) from C & P. Well, from C really as P is still hiding out in a compound, can't say.

These are in no particular order but I have to mention Marie first or my life will not be worth living.

1: Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

If all the folk we employ go on to reach such heights of stardom I will be annoyed but I have just about managed to accept Marie's literary brilliance. We sold more of your book than anything else this year Marie - can't wait for the paperback...

2: What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn.

I love surprises and What Was Lost tore me to bits (that's a good thing). Brilliant news that the powers that whatever have FINALLY let Catherine win something.

3: The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett.

Not only one of our top three selling books of the year but there are other reasons I feel Mr B deserves a mention. He came in to see us earlier in the year and wrote about it in his diary (published in the LRB) He left his phone number with me so I could ring him closer to Christmas and he could sign more copies for us - but in the end I bottled it...Just too nervous to ring the famous fella. But I'm sure we'll meet again some sunny day (maybe on the Fulham Road?)

4: Denis Johnson Tree of Smoke

One N storms back into the literary world with a National Book Award winning novel that was just too damned good for most reviewers/literary commentators this side of the pond to wrap their feeble brains around. Wake up you tw*ts - the man is a fu*king genius.

Ok, we are closed until 7th of Jan. If you see lights behind the shutters it's just us trying to sort out the accounts etc. Or having a big sexy party you're not invited to. Or something...

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  1. Aw bless. Thank you! Roll on paperback!