Friday, January 25, 2008

I have an uncle called David Thomson

David Thomson in the Guardian today gave a rather glowing and knowing big-up to There Will Be Blood the film I've been going round in raptures about lately to anyone who'll listen:

'There Will Be Blood, from its first scene to the last, conveys a steady stream of breathtaking cinematic invention without ever letting us determine where the movie is going'

About Paul Thomas Anderson, the director:

'Anderson is the most ambitious and accomplished director working in the English language now and he is one of the few great living directors.'

So, David Thomson, author of the fantastic Biographical Dictionary of Film and bearing the same name as my uncle David in Limavady is on message. Hooray, I love it when people agree with me.


  1. Actually that's what everyone's been saying, I've yet to hear a bad word about the film. Which means I will probably have to go and see it, which is a shame, because having seen the trailer I can't muster up even an ounce of enthusiasm for the idea. Daniel Day Lewis grandstanding about oil in one of those old American towns where women don't exist. I am not excited.

    By the way, Adam, are you being supplied with pirate DVDs of all these movies? There Will Be Blood isn't out here for weeks yet.

  2. Pretty much the whole of Adam's existence is illegal - please don't tell yr dad Marie...