Sunday, October 29, 2006

Art Attack!

The shop was stormed by artists on Sunday.

The residue of their action can be seen over the next month or so...

Bookmarked is an interactive exhibition where artists designed and made bookmarks that are now spread in fungus fashion through our stock. There are a huge variety of bookmarks made from all sorts of materials. Some are discreet, hidden within the pages while others burst forth like mutant flowers and scramble down the spines...

Some are metal, some fabric, some paper - all are interesting and worth hunting down.

The "private" view is on Tuesday at 7pm but everyone is welcome to attend.

Yeah, I know, we're at it again. Boldly going where no sensible bookshop would ever go! But what's the point of having yr own shop if you can't do wacky things in it from time to time?

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