Thursday, October 12, 2006

Going Psychic (or just settling in?)

Something strange happens to me. I think to myself, walking through Southwark into Lambeth for work in the morning, of a person; someone I've spoken to in the shop several times before. I won't have seen them for a while. I experience an agonised moment - have I somehow offended so - and - so - will they ever come back?

And then they come into the shop. We chat. They buy some books.


  1. [whistles theme tune to The Twilight Zone...]

  2. I'm not messing around - it just happened again!

    This bloke, a doctor who works locally, just came in and bought some Camus.

    I was thinking about him this morning! Last time we spoke Marie and I were joking about how crap our maths is and, as he left, he said "It am always amazed that people will happily admit to being terrible at maths when to admit to being illiterate is a real no-no."

    That's it, thought I, strolling through Newington Butts (as attractive a place as it sounds) he thinks we're idiots and will never come back. He's probably right too.

    He came in. I am fuc8ing Psychic!

  3. and then there is the one where a book - something way down in the backlist- catches your eye, and you think 'I haven't sold one of those for a long time' and the very next book you sell is that very one...

  4. But there was the time that I was in and we were talking about Pushkin Press and Journey by Moonlight when a chap came in to pick up a copy of a Hungarian dictionary, but despite your best efforts would not buy Journey by Moonlight - did he ever come back and buy it? If he hasn't yet, I bet he will this afternoon.

  5. Bloke walks into the shop.

    The alarm goes off.

    "Do you buy books?" he says.

    "Not stolen ones" say I...

    Bloke leaves the shop.

  6. PS I will let you know if you are psychic too Jonny...

    (I suspect I have to think of people as I'm walking in for my powers to work but we'll see!)

  7. It is Friday the 13th after all...

    Anything could happen!

  8. Friday 13th...


    (Adam doesn't believe in "all this guff" but he DID just admit to not walking under ladders...

  9. Bugger, sorry I haven't replied to your email Jonny, been a bit busy, hurray!

    Nor to your comment Adam, everybody in Crystal Palace decided to buy a book today.

  10. Sorry Jonny - you are not Psychic...

    (Though if you've read Hilary Mantel's latest novel Beyond Black you may be glad of this!)

    After my friday 13th experience I am pretty sure I AM psychic.

    What a pain in the ARSE!