Saturday, October 07, 2006

Do you care what people wear?

There is a book that all who are following the debate over Muslim dress might be interested to read - Minaret by Leila Aboulela. I am a great believer in fiction and think reading a novel can be an extremely good way of understanding the internal lives of other people. This novel is narrated by a muslim woman who chooses to wear the veil and lives in London. I will comment no further - just urge people to read it if this is an issue that interests/concerns them.

On a related note I would like to announce that Crockatt & Powell, in line with our policy of keeping a close eye on the actions of our competitors, will be introducing a staff uniform in the near future.

Matthew will continue to wear his "lucky bookselling shoes" as, apart from having to amputate his feet to take them off (he fears the sky may fall and crush the bookshop if he is parted from them) they are in fact rather smart. His uniform will also consist of a shirt on most occasions, with baby sick an optional accessory. The practice of wearing odd socks will also continue as it has been deemed impossible for him to get his morning routine organised to the point where two socks of a similar appearance might be found in his sock draw at any one time. A sweater with T-shirt might also be seen on days when shirts are all "in the wash".

Adam will be allowed to wear what he likes at all times as to attempt to get him to do anything he does not want to do are likely to be met with a series of four letter words followed by "off".

As for Marie, she is a woman - I'm sure we are all aware of the dangers of men telling women what they should wear by now, so she too can do what she likes. (The idea that we have ever had any influence over Ms "famous" Phillips is a laugh - have you met her?)


  1. Sock draw is spelled sock DRAWER.
    Do keep up.

  2. I would use a spell checker but it always puts Crackpot as a suggestion for Crockatt - bit annoying after a while...