Thursday, October 19, 2006

A mesage from Fifi...(who puts the "she" in coffee)

Lower Marsh has a reputation.

These are the opening lines of Simon Winchester's excellent Surgeon of Crowthorne.

"In Victorian London, even in a place as louche and notoriously crime-ridden as the Lambeth Marsh, the sound of a gun-shot was a rare event indeed."

But everything changes and these days Lower Marsh is a bit of a cultural hotspot - no really!

Apart from C & P there are three other bookshops, a flute shop, two retro clothing places and a kind of rubber fetish place...

...and then there's Scooterworks!

Scooterworks keeps me alive - and I don't have a Vespa or scooter of any sort. They do coffee you see and I'm in there at least twice a day for my fix.

But because this is Lower Marsh they don't just fix scooters and make coffee, they have poetry nights as well.

Details of their latest event are here.

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