Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finn discovers Finnland

It was quiet, the dead of night. Finn lay in his cot and chatted to Miffy. He was just saying how difficult he found this whole walking/balancing thing when Miffy suggested he might like to try flying instead.

What a good idea!

Before long they were speeding through the skies. Miffy kept urging Finn to go higher and so he did. Up and up and up, through the clouds and into space...

Space was great fun. You could go even faster in space where there was no air or gravity to hold you back. But there was all sorts of junk floating about, a great ring of human dirt left by astronauts and cosmonauts on their previous visits.

Finn looked at Miffy. Was she smiling? Oh...so that was it. Finn grabbed Miffy by the feet and she opened that enigmatic x mouth of hers.

Miffy the space hoover! (Or Dyson!)

Finn guided Miffy around the earth, hoovering up all the space junk. Along the way they ate a couple of defense satellites, a surprising number of spy satellites and the odd piece of "star wars" missile gear. They also ate the Sky TV satellites but left all those that were there for research purposes. First orbit they left those that predicted the weather but then Miffy ate them too.

Finn realised he was losing control. Miffy was insatiable. The tiny x was now a huge X - almost as big as dad's gob when he was trying to fit a fork of sausage, egg, beans and bacon into it. And they were heading for the Moon!

Oh blimey, what started out as fun was now looking rather dangerous. If Miffy ate the moon planet earth was in real trouble and Finn was more into saving the world than destroying it. Oh arse. A promising little life so far but now Finn was going to be responsible for the end of the world. His frown spread from the forehead to the rest of his face. He began to cry.

But what's this? Here's dad. And there's Miffy, normal mouth - an inscrutable x.

"Had a bad dream?" asked dad.

Ohhh....thought Finn...

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