Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh.My.God. Pt 2

This from the Guardian today on one of our competitors:

'All the talk is of a new, lighter look for its shops, currently being trialled in Manchester's Arndale Centre. There are colourful fittings and modish photographic signs with slogans such as "talk to us" and "happy to help". The traditional gold fascia has been ditched in favour of black, lower-case lettering on a white shopfront. Categories have been rearranged into "shopping zones" such as "home and lifestyle" and "arts and entertainment". Meanwhile, **********'* is experimenting with a supermarket-style loyalty card scheme, and shop staff will have to wear uniforms from next year.'

Uniforms, huh? Matthew and I are really going to have up our sartorial game then aren't we? I'm thinking of matching corduroy and leather patches. No, too musty. Baseball caps and dungarees? Too fast food. Straw Boaters and stripy trousers? Too Henley. Erm, Bow ties and bespoke suits? Getting there. Jeans and t-shirt? Too much like that already. Oh bloody hell, we're doomed.

And speaking of Shopping Zones and Lifestyle I see Sainsbury's are shifting Jamie Oliver's new book for £12.99. Cover price, £26. We can't even buy it from Penguin for £12.99. Oh well, I guess that one won't make our christmas catalogue.


  1. I have the trial loyalty card. As it was only available in the SW this has actually led to a decrease in the number of times I use the store when outside the trial region.

    Then again, I have a loyalty card for cheese from a stall at the local farmers' market, dozens of coffee shop cards and absolutely no supermarket cards so I may not be the best test subject.