Friday, October 13, 2006

The Digested Booker Digested

We had that John Crace in the back of our shop last night. A funnier and more cynical man I am yet to meet. He didn't so much digest the Booker list for us as chew it up and spit it out zingingly into a silver spittoon. It was quite brilliant. If you want to read his regurgitated Booker you can find it here but if I were you I'd wait til next Thursday at 3pm and listen to it on Resonance FM 104.4, where you will have the benefit not only of John's deadpan tones reading the short-shortlist, but also of the question and answer session at the end where certain members of the audience got rowdy and started answering the questions instead of the journalist. You also get to hear me laughing like a drain which I fear will be amplified many times as I was wearing a microphone. It's good stuff...


  1. I love it! That's really good! It'll make the terrifying job of actually reading the Booker shortlist (which turned up at home yesterday) that much more palatable - thank you!


    Anne B

  2. Those that know Marie know she loves to talk.

    At one point she is rendered speechless...

    Well worth tuning in for!