Monday, October 09, 2006

Everything Happens Very Quickly

A week of events and parties...

Tuesday sees a night of poetry at Crockatt & Powell.

Hylda Sims and Nancy Mattson will be reading (and Hylda singing) poems from their new books Sayling the Babel (Hearing Eye) and Writing with Mercury (Flambard)

All are welcome - admission is £3.

The Booker Prize Winner will also be announced at 10pm on Tuesday. We will be rushing across the bridge to SOHO where we (Adam, I and our "HOT" author Ms Phillips) hope to crash a number of Booker parties where we will "wreck it up" in true C & P style...

By Thursday we hope to have recovered enough to host an event with John Crace author of the Digested Read column in the Guardian. He is launching his new book (The Digested Read Vol 2) but on the night will be digesting the Booker shortlist - lots of literary laughs to be had I'm sure.

So there we go - a lot happening at C & P as usual.


  1. I hope that you will be wearing your new uniform smocks when gatecrashing the Booker parties

  2. of course!

    I also have been out buying clogs. Just painting the C & P logo on them now...

  3. Oh how I wish I was near enough to London to pop up for a poetry evening - I do sooo wish some of our local bookshops would do the same!

    Anne B