Friday, December 15, 2006

Ahhhhhhh that's better...

Afternoon now. Nothing like selling books for waking a bookseller up a bit.

With another daily sales target well and truly busted I can relax and remember why I started a bookshop in the first place. I bloody love books and nothing warms me heart more than selling me beloveds to other folk.

The Damned Utd is steaming out of the shop as is Cormac McCarthy's The Road - both books I Loved passionately this year. (Hope I can persuade David Peace to do an event when the pb comes out next year.)

We are also shifting lots of Where's Bin Laden? A book in poor taste sure, but that's what Crimbo is all about. We bought a lot and now we are selling a lot.

We also have a brilliant selection of till books this year - all too secret to broadcast I'm afraid (though other indy booksellers feel free to e-mail for details - one tiny publisher in particular I could tell you about. One man band - we are shifting his books in vast quantities.)

The Bankside Frost Fair starts tonight. Will be taking the nipper along on Saturday to see some Huskies and generally get into the Christmas mood.

Thanks to all the brilliant people shopping at C & P over the last few weeks. We are, of course, nothing without you lot...

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  1. And shifting a few more copies of HEROINES I trust... to add to the mass already sold by`ve sold more copies than any other single book shop in the UK.