Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh the shame

Over on some other blogs people have been listing cultural things they are ashamed to admit - never read Austen, never watched Monty Python, etc. So, here goes my 5:

- I haven't read Heidegger in German, only english.

- I've only seen the Berlin Philharmonic 7 times.

- I've only read Das Kapital twice.

- I didn't get to spend more than a week in the Hermitage.

- I've never taken part in the ayahuasca ritual of the shamanic Urarina people of Peruvian Amazonia.

Oh, the shame of it.


  1. Pleased to read this as I think it is all intellectual snobbery! Funny how many blogs have picked up on it.
    I mean, if you were really ashamed, surely you'd do something about it? I've never read Jane Austen but honestly, life is too short. Maybe one day I'll change my mind

  2. The ayahuasca ritual is a bit overrated, I find, so I wouldn't worry about it. Heidegger is sooo good in its original German though - really 'comes to life'. Someone recently told me that it was pointless reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez in English... it turned out to have been pointless speaking to her.

  3. why on EARTH is it 'intellectual snobbery' ? ( I never really know what that is anyway.)
    Why be so snide about a game ?

  4. I'm pleased you've missed out on the ayahuasca ritual because we do it all the time down here in Devon and like to think it's a little secret just known to us and the Peruvians.I'd be very upset if I thought you London lot had pinched it.
    Poor anonymous, bah humbug and all that.

  5. Really?

    I thought everybody had done the things on your list!

    You really should be ashamed.

  6. What's wrong with intellectual snobbery? We've had forty years of egalitarianism and all we've got the show for it are out of town shopping centres and Classic FM.

    We can start by bringing back bowler hats.

  7. I've seen the Berlin Philharmonic 14 times, it's actually quite overrated.

  8. I've seen the Berlin Philharmonic 14 times, it's actually quite overrated.

  9. I didn't mean to sound snide. I just felt like if we are all made to feel ASHAMED of having not read some important book or other then that is sad. It is the shame that I found upsetting. I thought the post was funny.

  10. The orginal post that is, not mine.