Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Launch Party Here Tonight

As mentioned in a comment to the post below I would like to take the time to draw everyone's attention to the launch party of Heroines by Jessica Ruston. The publisher Long Barn Books have provided enough wine and food to feed and inebriate a small country and it should be a bit of a bash so if you're in the area drop by. 6.30pm


  1. I was unable to attend due to a family funeral but what a way to banish the misery - came in to the shop today to discover we sold more books in a single day than EVER before - Big Love to Susan Hill, Jessica, the caterers, Long Barn and anybody else involved...

    If it carries on like this I might even start liking Christmas!

  2. Hooray - congratulations guys.

    Hope Lower Marsh stays Tornado-free. Wet and miserable here in Abingdon...

  3. Our guests were thrilled with the shop and one amazing friend of ours -Marie will remember who she is - not only bought a mega pile but said it is now her favourite shop and she will be back. Several people said they were so pleased to have discovered it and what a great and unusual selection, how good not to see just the usual piles of Peter Kay and Frozen Penguins feet...
    and we were thrilled to have brought such a crush to Lower Marsh that they spilled onto the pavement. Everyone enjoyed themselves and while we oldies slipped away home in a nice warm car the young ones went on partying at some bar called Horse, until an unseemly hour. One of them woke up in bed clutching an empty wine bottle, or so I was told.
    Pity the boys missed it and poor Marie was too busy ringing the till bells to relax, eat and drink much.
    The next LBB launch party will definitely not be looking for an alternative venue.

  4. Brilliant - so glad it went down so well! I had a great time, busy or not busy. It was a fine old night as befits an excellent, book, and I look forward to seeing some of the night's new faces again soon.

  5. OK, so what was that rogue comma doing there? Apologies...