Friday, December 08, 2006

Question Time

Martin Amis was on Question Time last night and he was brilliant. Had some great turns of phrase - 'English politics is all piss and vinegar' and 'pissing your pants before a big storm won't keep you warm very long' (lots of urine related themes) and some dodgy opinions on the nature of the european versus the asiatic.

He had this weird kind of gravitas as if being a novelist had given him some sort of seering insight into the motivations of the events under discussion. The others seemed lightweight in comparison. David Davies was a simpleton who kept pausing after every sentence waiting for applause from the audience. None was forthcoming. Ruth Kelly was an annoying junior prefect and the bloke from the Telegraph just some boorish pub landlord type. Only Mariella Frostrup and her blinding common sense stood out from the crowd.

So, give that man a tv show. I'm thinking a Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned type thing only with Amis and Christopher Hitchens. Wouldn't that just be the best telly ever.

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