Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BA BA Bollocks...(Uh Oh, here comes trouble - but not till January please!)

Bookseller Crow let the cat out of the bag so we're going to wade in with our opinions as usual, though it's bound to offend and upset people.

It's also the wrong time of year.

But anyway...

Next year we will be asking the question:

What is the point of the BA for small shops?

Will we get an answer that makes sense? (Or will it be like the impenetrable equations they sent us that supposedly proved we were benefitting from selling book tokens?)

We shall see.

I'm not going to start this fight now cos I'm knackered and can't think.


  1. IMVHO the BA and Book Tokens are a drain on the bottom line for small indie bookshops.

    The BA are outdated, and woefully out of touch with trading environment for indies : why the heck should any small business pay to join a trade association which readily accepts the likes of Tesco.

  2. The Bookseller was very good to us in the early days, writing about the shop etc. Very flattering but not very useful as the Bookseller is mostly read by other booksellers...

    Apart from that we have been totally unconvinced as to the benefits of book tokens.

    The deals on insurance are rubbish.

    The deal for carriage with ANC is ok but not worth the BA subscription.

    Their report Brave New World (that obviously cost money to produce) told us nothing we hadn't thought of ourselves already.

    This probably sounds really arrogant etc but the post by Crow where he spoke with someone from booktokens who clearly had NO IDEA AT ALL what a struggle it is to run an indy shop these days struck a chord.

    If the BA is not going to fight tooth and claw for us then I don't want them on our side. And how can they be looking after our interests with the likes of Tesco on board?

  3. Book Tokens once sent me, by first class post, and amendment to my reconciliation indicating that I was 2p out.