Thursday, December 07, 2006

How The Other Half Lives

Due to a delivery glitch, we received a delivery destined for a North Yorkshire bookshop, and they (presumably) got ours. I began to suspect when I pulled Alan Titchmarsh's autiobiogaphy 'Nobbut a Lad' out of the box; grew increasingly wary as two copies of the Brownie Annual 2007 followed; and finally twigged when a large hardback entitled 'Fifty Golden Years With My Yorkshire Mistress' emerged.

I wonder what they made of our '1001 Albums To Listen To Before You Die', 'Debrett's Etiquette For Girls', and Jessica Mitford letters?


  1. That Tit Titchmarsh - Yorkshire can keep him!

  2. It's even better than taking home someone else's luggage after a long journey.