Friday, December 01, 2006


Blimey. First our regular booktrade e-mail arrives telling the world we have joined the Wedge card scheme and then Marion Boyars phone up to ask us about our participation...

I am slightly confused (for a change) but soon wake up enough to visit the site where I am confronted by a photo of our shop! Bloody hell.

At the moment those of you lucky enough to have received a wedgie are entitled to a 10% discount on the weekend at Crockatt & Powell. (This is a small attempt by us to attract people down the loo on the weekend. It's not as bad as it really it's not...) In future we will have some more interesting offers but that's what we're starting with.

Anyone feeling really muddled? Follow this link and find out what it's all about...WEDGE


  1. Excellent news chaps - this looks exactly like the kind of initiative to be a part of, John Bird being one of my heroes.

    Take a look at as well. The guy behind it (Will Sward) has started small (North Wales at the moment) but has big plans. Who knows, we might still have a small chance of being saved from the Wal-Martians, Tescopoly, et al...

  2. Hi Mark. I am Will from PTTS. thanks for highlighting the business. i met with John B's Daughter Diana today. the Wedge card is a great opportunity for local shops and it gets the thumbs up from me! as for PTTS's i cant wait to be in London. All the best