Friday, December 01, 2006

In Praise of Smoke...

Here Ye Here Ye!

Good People of London rejoice!

Smoke Issue Nine has hit the shops!

As well as regular features such as London's Campest Statues (this one is a real contender!) Smoke asks serious questions such as Is Harlsden the Centre of Deeper Spiritual Truth?

(This post was interrupted by Marie phoning the shop. She meant to phone her French mother but dialed us instead! Is that not a touching example of extreme loyalty to the bookshop? Our Marie is putting the finishing touches to the novel that is going to make her famous and us sad and was phoning to ask her mum if she was confused by a sentence the American publisher didn't understand. At the risk of disrupting transatlantic relations I will say no more...)

Where was I? Ah yes...smoke...

Who could fail to love this quirky publication? It is brilliant. Only £2.50. Roll up and get yours NOW!!!!!

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