Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A new direction or, is it really only december 6th?

Christmas, christmas. This is our first proper one. A mixture of excitement and tension. Lots of stock and an anxiety that no one will buy any of it and we're already completely knackered, shop-wise and body and soul-wise. Another 2 1/2 weeks of this and I'll be a pile of cranberry jelly on the side of life.

So it's a good time to announce a change of direction, a new career for the new year. I'm going to become a director of perfume commercials. I mean, how hard can it be to film Charlize Theron walking down a hallway taking her clothes off? I could do tha'.

Thanks Matthew, it's been a blast. Well done Marie and all the best with the mega-hit of 2007. I'll be jetting off to my first assignment on christmas eve. It's a concept piece for an as yet to be announced brand launching next year. But I can tell you it stars Jessica Alba and Girls Aloud and is set in an ice hotel in Lapland.

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  1. But after you`ve made your fortunes selling copies of HEROINES at the launch party tonight you can retire to the Bahamas even before Christmas..,, taking crates of Firefly and bags of Apple and Thyme Crisps with you. Don`t say we didn`t attend to your every need.