Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31st Jan - Nightmare on Lower Marsh


It's January 31st...

I've been putting it off for such a long time. But everywhere I go there are reminders. On telly. Even at the cash machine yesterday.

Today is the day when self assessment forms have to be handed in.

I finally managed to fill mine in, though only with a great deal of help from Adam and my wife Mary. I know it's pathetic but I have been dreaming of wage slavery. Oh, those happy days when someone else had to worry about all that tax and NI crap. I HATE filling in forms.

Earlier at home I was searching for some old pay slips in the hope that they might have my unique tax code on them. In the file marked Matthew Tax there were loads of pay slips etc from Waterstone's and Macmillan and even Dillons...but nothing more recent. Where could they be?

"Try the pile of papers underneath the London Porter beer mats" said Mary at one point - words that should give you an insight into the state of my filing! No pay slips. But I did find the receipt for a computer I bought at PC world some months back that has broken down in spectacular style.

I am going to be fined at least £100 as I didn't register as Self Employed. I thought I didn't have to. Because I am a company director. That's the level of idiocy we're dealing with here.

I'm a bookseller. Please please please can I just sell some books? I'm pretty good at that...


  1. You need an accountant. I am a company director but company accounts are entirely separate from your own. A word of advice Matthew.. get some payment to them. Never mind if it is wrong or right but show willing. You can pay online via their website. Bung them some money. It will get sorted out later but the fact that you have shown you are aware you have to may mean the difference between a very nasty INSPECTION and - er.. not. You do NOT want an inspection. If you pay too much you will eventually get a rebate, if you pay too little they will ask for more plus interest from tomorrow but it will benefit you that you have tried.

  2. Don't worry Susan. Our accountant filed the company returns 3 weeks ago and reported a healthy 'loss'. I think Matthew's problem stems from a previous employer who issued 'post-it' notes as a P45 instead of the proper government issue paperwork.

  3. I think I'll just go and stick my head in a flower bed or something...