Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Glastonbury - My Real Story

Yes it is full of Hippies and the mud in Somerset is officially the muddiest mud ever invented...

But the chef at the Hawthorns pub deserves a mention - brilliant food.

My literary pilgrimage was hampered by the fact nobody I spoke to in Glastonbury seemed to have heard of A Glastonbury Romance. I looked in a couple of bookshops there and they didn't appear to stock Cowper-Powys either. (Please correct me if I'm wrong Glastonbury Booksellers - I may have failed to spot GR amongst all the books on crystal healing and pagan whatnot)

I was very tempted to set up as a Glastonbury Romance tour guide.

"Now here's the famous Tor where Codfin murders X (name removed to avoid plot spoil) and over here we have the Chalice Well where Bloody Johnny's miraculous healing takes place."

But no - back to London and Crockatt & Powell.

Happy New Year all.

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