Saturday, January 13, 2007

Discount crazies and lateral thinking.

A customer asked the price of the God Delusion. £20 I say. Oh, they say, it's only £16 at Borders. Hmm, I say.

However! The US hardback has a cover price of $27. I can order it from our stateside supplier and with the good discount we get and a favourible exchange rate I can offer the US edition to the customer for £16 and still make the same amount of money if I'd sold the full price UK edition.

Result! But am I not the only one who sees the lunacy of this situation?


  1. Don't get me started: Paris Review interviews for a start...Oh and I imported a copy of Anatomy of Melancholy this week for a customer, printed on the back $24.99 and also £20.00.

  2. It only works for hardbacks, however. US paperbacks are tending towards the $15 dollar mark, which makes them about the same as the UK equivalent (albeit better produced) or even more expensive given the exchange rate. But a hardback will set you back $25-$30 still. I wonder if they sell proportionally more, it seemed that there were more of them in the stores.