Saturday, January 27, 2007


Anyone who works in a shop and has responsability for looking after the cash knows the feeling.

It's Saturday.

And you forgot to get change on Friday afternoon.

You have a few quid in the till but as the morning wears on (and someone paid with a fifty this am - never helps) the change situation worsens...

...luckily we have a market right outside the door with small change weighing down most of the traders.

At around the same time I'm running out of pound coins they are wishing they didn't have quite so many.

A brief chat and the problem is solved.

Thanks again Manny!


  1. And what many of our customers don't realise is that high street banks charge their business account customers £1.60 per £100 for change.

    Want 4 fivers for a £20 - that'll be 32p thank you !!

    Want 20 £1 coins that's 32p, thank you !!

    Oh the joys of running a small business - hopefully you are still only paying half-charges, and/or have a friendly bank cashier who doesn't think that small businesses are a cash cow.

  2. Go the the Post Office - if you can find one. They don`t charge anything.

  3. Manny is best...

    ...though if West Ham carry on their dismal run of form he may jump in the river out of despair!