Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Future? Ahh Sod It...

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a box of records outside Gramex (brilliant second-hand music shop on Lower Marsh). There was a sign saying "Free - Please Take to a Good Home". I had a rumage and walked off with a recording of a Dvorak violin concerto. I'm afraid I don't remember the exact name or who is playing on it or anything useful like that.

What I do remember is listening to it last night on my Technics and being blown away by how brilliant classical music sounds on vinyl as opposed to CD or MP3.

I particulary loved the slight scratchyness of the sound. I felt I was transported away somewhere else - to a time and place where things were slightly more beautiful and whaddayouknow?

I woke up this morning and it had snowed...

(Took Finn off to the park straight away!)

We have gone on a bit recently about new stuff, but old stuff is really great too.

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