Friday, January 19, 2007

You're 'Avin a Laugh...

...well you will be if you're in Crockatt & Powell on Wednesday 21st February.

Daniel Kitson and Ivor Dembina are hosting an exclusive stand-up comedy night.

Our quest to prove that bookshops are not dull continues as we step into yet more uncharted territory. Ivor is a long term bookgroupie and Daniel did a series of preview performances for his latest Edinburgh show - C90 - at C & P last year.

Tickets are £5 and must be booked in advance as we expect to sell out pretty fast. or call 020 7928 0234

You can click here for more of the Kitson Flava...or here or here...or indeed here...


  1. This is perhaps the funniest thing anyone has said recently about the geopolitical woes in the Middle East.

    “My cousin Sylvia is a monster. She is a settler in the Occupied Territories and when ever I visit her, we argue constantly.
    “She said to me she had every right to be there because God had given the land to the Jews.
    “I said nonsense. So she said, it is here, in original Hebrew scriptures: God gave us Hebron. I said Sylvia, you have read it wrong: that says Hendon.”

    Thank you Ivor.

  2. Yeah, that's good...

    Plenty more on 21st Feb.