Thursday, January 25, 2007

Persons from Porlock

I'm reading some website which is about some whizz-bang fandoogly software which will change our lives for the better and I'm concentrating and trying to work it out when the phone rings and someone asks if I can spare 2 minutes of my time to talk about how he can save us 30% on our bills and no I can't spare the time and now I return to the screen and I can't work out where I left off and now I have to start all over aaaarghain and if anyone is reading this who recognises our name on their to phone list can you please not because you won't be saving us money and you're only wasting our time so leave us alone...


  1. Register for the BT 'do not call' service, then if they persist threaten them with legal action.

    Hours of fun ;-)

  2. We already have registered, anon. About 7 months ago and still the calls come. Legal action it is then.

  3. Good luck - if you've registered with the BT service and people are still calling, then it's from call farms in India, etc. and it really is next to impossible to go after them.

    As soon as I hear that pause, and then "can I speak to the person who deals with you telephone/utilities/etc" I say. I really appreciate your call, we're all set thanks, have a great day" and put the phone down. If you get really good at it, you might even be able to maintain your concentration...

  4. Don't you think though that the whole Porlock story was simply cover for Coleridge being a bit disappointed with the way the poem was coming out?