Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football, sorry

Just saw the back page of the newspaper and chuckled to myself at poor old Man Utd scraping a measly 2 points out of six. YES! Poor old Spurs too - nil points - a lesson in what happens when you start believing your own press. And look at boring old Chelsea. Not any more it would appear. Do you think Abramovitch has spent some of his billions on killing off the old one and building a replica Mourinho - one who believes in attacking football? And Fulham, Matthew, on his hols, will be over the moon that the Sanchez revolution is in full sway. C'mon you cottagers. Who's going down? 'Boro, Wigan and Derby. Derby, not for want of application but just lack of talent. This years Watford. Who's going to win? I think Chelsea but you might not be able to slide a fag paper between them and Liverpool in april. Arsenal could still be the surprise package.

I need Matthew back, not because there's too much work for one but I need someone to talk football with. We heart football.

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