Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Marie "Bestselling" Phillips

Our one and only ampersand Marie has made it onto the bestseller lists.

Not content with being number one at C & P she went on to becomes Foyles hardback bestseller and after one week of sales is 29 in the official Nielson charts.

At the time of writing she's 149 on Amazon but has been seen as high as 78.

Go Go Go Go Girl!

We have signed first editions in stock now and you know there's only one place you want to be buying those from...



    27 not 29 - 27 not 29 - 27 not 29

    BTW The lady herself is standing beside me right about now blabbering away on the phone (just like the old days!)

    It seems Jordan is at No 1 and Marie has sold 1/10th as many copies as her - Ms Phillips claims that's the "precise" ratio of their boob sizes too...

  2. Is your email back up and running? I tried to order Marie's book via email but had some error messages. Should I use the address to re-order? (Gotta get my signed 1st ed!)