Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Okay, so I watch big brother occasionally.

These days when you hear or read the words 'The victim was/The suspect is' on TV or in the Newspapers it is usually followed by 'a black male in his 20's/teens'. In fact outside of victims/criminals/rappers/sportsman when do you ever see a 'normal' happy go lucky black kid just being a decent, friendly guy in any form of mainstream media.

Well, every night on channel 4 there is such a kid. Slightly geeky and awkward, under-educated rather than un-intelligent (he does actually have a keen intelligence) and apparently without malice or side, Brian seems to me a completely unique appearance in British media - a black male in his 20's who isn't some sort of victim or outcast and who is probably going to win the show because he's a lovely bloke. I would say 'well done C4' but you can't help thinking it's more luck than judgement on their part that it's turned out so well. But well done anyway.

And as for the BB detractors, yes I know they are attention seekers but surprise surprise there are people around who like being the centre of attention, in fact they're everywhere. Yet when they do start to forget there are cameras there they just hang about like the rest of us and really, who isn't interested in watching people. Just watching and watching. People, no matter who they are, are endlessly fascinating - not necessarily to talk too but just to watch - and in real life you'd get arrested for just watching and watching (stalking?). So again, well done channel 4. I only tune in for 30 minutes or so every other day but I really like it. It's like sitting in a cafe watching the day go by only with the same people walking past. But also, to all those who dismiss it without watching are they not making the same kind of dismissive assumptions that condemn young black men to a rigid set of personality ghettos?

I don't think it's only the Met that have to take a close look at their casual yet institutional bigotry and racism.

Ok, soapbox down now.

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  1. 'Mickey' in Doctor Who. But he's fiction. Otherwise, what you said.